Saturday, December 12, 2009

i went to this mall, and having a little fun with my brother and cousin, and of course, i went out in style,

this is it..
1. cropped codoray brown jacket
2. V-Neck purple shirt
3. Deep Dark Blue Jeans
4. Golden Studed Brown Boots, my Faves and my Trade mark style.

Monday, December 7, 2009

and this is again, my style last sunday. i went grocary shopping actually, but NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT STYLE that what i've learned from my Fave Magazine LOOKS. ahaha so then again this what i wore,
1. Lea V-Neck T-shirt
2. Black Latex Blazer
3. Black Shorts
4. Black Denim Studed Ankle Boots
5. Black Leather Guess Tote Bag
i love the bag so much...!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Before JGTC

um, two pics post in a row..!! I've been busy doing my school project, and i wasnt able to post it until finaly i got a right time to post it, this it me before i went to JGTC or Jazz Goes to Campus
and i was wearing,
1. white shirt with random patern on it
2. im never bored of it, "Acid Washed Blue Jeans"
3. Leather Brown Boots
4. Gems Berclet
my friend said, i was Fabulous in it...!! is that true???

Last Saturday Night Out

well here its me again...!! it was last satuday actually, i was wearing
1. Patern Insight T-Shirt
2. Acid Washed Blue jeans
3. Strings Sandals
what do you think?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

these are my friends, they are Lita(left) and Tiara(right) they look like a Twins right?? ahah but they actually not, they are my BFF.. they always there when i need them, they always make me comfort, i dont wanna be seperate from them, i dont want that to be happen, we're promised to ourself, that we will spend our last High School life together.. we will go to a nice place ( we havent decided yet) and Gossip, Take a Pics, Sleep together, Telling scary story, and everything FUN...
i love you
Rana for Lita & Tiara

Monday, November 23, 2009

its me again, i went to this underground music live show, it was fun actually but kinda diturbing, with lots and lots of smoke of cigarets.. i was like,, hohh hoohh..!!! I CAN't BREATH...!!!

but then again still dont mind it.
as long as i have a good time with my friends...

and keep Stylish.
Check out my Out fit

-Green Olive Top, D&G
-Acid washed Cropped Denim
-Bright Yellow Keds..

eventhough i wasnt all out, but still its cute isnt it?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

And this was what i wore to the Party,

-Latex Blazer
-Gray Wolf Print T-shirt
-Ripped Acid washed Jeans
-Fringe Boots
-Vintage Watch

its Kinda reflect my Style...
i just got the Latex Blazer, with a really really Cheap Price..!!! and it such an EDGY accesory. glad that i got it.. will it work with Latex Pants? hmm let see....

here it is.. CDOD in Nurul's Party

YES.. Here it is,, Childish and Oldish..!! ahahahahah Love them,, we're looking FIRCE and FABULOUS last night, we're on top of the FOOD CHAIN..!!


let your self shine baby..!!!

Don't be shy my honey, let your self shine..!!! You're pretty this is your day,


Rana for Nurul Aisyah

Friday, November 20, 2009

today was my friend's birth day, her name is Nurul Aisyah, but we used to call her BOGEL...!! coz shes kinda small and little,,, thats why we called her BOGEL. Bogel is a name that we use to a tiny people, but its kinda humiliating so its not good to call a person that way,
anyway..!! it was fun we sureprised her with a ditry water, i think my friends contained the water with their pee, split, and everything nasty..!! ahaha
BOGEL happy Birth DAy..!!! wishs YOU ALL THE BEST.....!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Exhauting Night

it was a Fun night actually, i got known to a lot of people, and got known my friends even better.. so great,, i attanded 3 classes in a ROW..!! but actually I missed my Encounter Class wich is the most important. DAMN..!! but what could i say?

and someone told me that my Shoes design is so GREAT, he thinks that i should make it reall, and search for some investor to invest thir money in my design, i was like WHAT THE FUCK..!! thats a Great Idea..!!

then he said "whats your name? maybe after 10 or 20 years your name would be famous like Brand or something" argh..!! thats so COOL...!!!

it just motivate me to make my Dream come true,

First Post EVER..!!

haha its my very first post,

PLEASE visit and follow my blog, by following the link under there.. thanks xoxo