Friday, May 7, 2010

Night in Roof Top.

it was a really fun night, with my family.
my sister just got her new camera, and its good...
and I'm was playing as the model.. :)

i was wearing my D.I.Y black jeans

my zara basic black v-neck shirt, which is so huge. lol

and red marteen boots...


  1. ur style is soo rockie!! haha :D
    seems like you got many dr.martens in your closet. love it! :D

    ctoonz from

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  3. thanks dude, and i love all the work you had..
    such unique bags..

    and yes I'm a big fan of combat boots and yet boots, its a little taboo in here to wear a boots, but i say what the hell... love it or leave it ahaha

  4. You have such a great style! :)


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