Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Night Out with CDOD, and Street Fashion Shoot

there's me i was wearing my D.I.Y shredded shirt, the shred is on my back actually but you can see it on my shoulders, and yet again red cherry Dr. Martens

here i'm with my childish friend susan, she was wearing D.I.Y shredded shirt that i made, and matching martens just like me.

look at the monster clutch that i use, isn't he a cutie? haha his name is brengos or should i say studs? he has mustache so cute, i got him in http://theycallmecemprut.blogspot.com thank to ms.aprodita

and there the girl in whit blouse, shes my childish gal pal Tiara, she was wearing a cut out legging and yet again my white boots, lol

there the girl with purple glossy martens, shes my baby sister. she was wearing my D.I.Y wrengler ripped jeans

last saturday, me and my friends went to a mall near my house, i went to that mall to pick my new cute monster clutch.. but actually that wasn't the only thing that i will do. my friends already told me before that she wants to takes my pics in case that i was with my friends, our pics.. because of our style and fashion things.... so this is some of pics from last saturday
oh yea the photographer said that if our styles are good enough, they will showing the pics in the Hall of Fame of the Mall, well i hope that we win, so keep your fingers crossed...


  1. hello there...
    u guys just damn rock !!!
    i'm not kindda fashionista people,
    but really like ur style dear, sumpaaah...hehe...

    tunggu clutch yg laen ya...


  2. i wiiilllll ahh... i willl wait for the other cutie clutch,, and i will absolutely buy it,,, thanks,,, xoxo

  3. nice pics..

  4. wow, loving the docs!

  5. i'm so envy with your doc marts!
    i want it so bad but my mom won't buy it LOL
    super cute clutch,
    u got some style!

    btw, it's a really cute fish graphics u have under ur banner ;)

    Castor Pollux


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